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Bachelor´s Degree Programmes in English

Bachelor´s Degree Programmes in English

At Haaga-Helia you can study to become an expert in business, tourism, hotel and restaurant management, journalism, management assistance, information technology or sports and leisure management. Our practical studies give you the skills to work independently in various professional tasks and in international environments.

Haaga-Helia supports your professional growth. We offer you a wide network of international partner universities and close connection to working life. As a result, our graduates are highly valued in the job market.

Haaga-Helia offers 40 Bachelor’s degree programmes out of which 8 are conducted in English. The degree can be conducted as a full-time or as a part-time or multiform learning in Finnish and English. Depending on the study programme, the scope of the degree is 210–240 credits, which takes about 3,5–4,5 years of full time studying.

The next Joint Application period for programmes conducted in English is 2-16 September 2020 at 3:00 pm. During the period you can apply to following Bachelor Degree programmes:

At Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences students can study also Master’s degree programmes.

Bachelor's Degree programmes conducted in English, full-time studies

Bachelor's Degree programme conducted in English, part-time studies

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If you want general information about Haaga-Helia´s degrees taught in English, please fill in the form. The service is provided by Haaga-Helia´s partner Studee. If you have a pending application to Haaga-Helia, please contact admissions[a] for any assistance

Master's degree programmes conducted in English

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