Kinesis Innovation program

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In the innovation program, the management and personnel of companies identify and utilize the business opportunities arising from the change in society. In order to succeed in an ever-changing world, you need to be agile and find opportunities for change.

The operating environment of companies is constantly changing due to, among other things, the tightening of responsibility requirements, digitalisation and the pandemic. That is why companies need to respond more quickly to customers' changing needs with new services and products - innovations.

Companies participating in the Kinesis program are developing their innovation activities and moving towards their full potential with the support of Haaga-Helia's experienced experts.

The Kinesis program, funded by the Häme ELY Center and the European Social Fund, is free of charge for participants - the program is funded by public de minimis support for companies.



Hyödyt yritykselle

  • You will have access to a digital library with concrete tools for developing, testing and implementing ideas
  • You will receive support and operating models for developing the company's innovation culture
  • You get new networks and get to challenge your thinking with other companies
  • You spend your time developing company performance, staff well-being, and new business models
  • In addition to the expertise of Haaga-Helia's staff, you will have a chance to involve Haaga-Helia's Master's students in your company's innovation project

Ohjelman sisältö

The Kinesis program, which begins in the fall of 2022 and runs through the spring of 2023, has two paths: Leadership path and Innovation path.

The Management path seeks and finds ways to ensure profitable growth and business. The path offers an opportunity to broaden your own thinking and develop as an innovative leader together with other entrepreneurs and CEOs. The key theme is the ability to anticipate change and ensure the company’s success in the future. The coaching includes, among other things, expert plotting related to the company's development needs, webinars on current themes and joint workshops.

In the Innovation path we form an idea of ​​how the change in the company's operating environment and one's own customer understanding can be utilized in business development. The result may be a single new innovation (for example validation of a new product or business model by customers) or a more efficient way to take advantage of new business opportunities. Coaching includes, among other things, brainstorming hackathon, facilitated workshops, and digital library development tools.

    Contents of the paths




    Companies from the Uusimaa region employing 20-249 people can participate in Kinesis.

    A maximum of two people can participate in the management path, in addition to which five people from each company can participate in the innovation path. The Kinesis digital library is open to all employees of participating companies.

    Participation requires commitment to the program from the fall of 2022 to the spring of 2023. Kinesis training sessions require a minimum of 3-5 days per month. Most of the coaching sessions are carried out virtually and can be attended remotely.

    The program, which will start in the autumn of 2022, will be open to a maximum of 15 companies in the order of registration.


    Haaga-Helia's experts who train companies apply the latest research data in the Kinesis program. In addition, they have years of experience in business development work in companies.

    Kinesis Experts

    As part of their studies, Haaga-Helia's master students support the companies involved in Kinesis in the role of consultant or project manager. Master students are experienced business experts who are updating their skills with majors such as Digital Business Opportunities or Strategic Thinking and Management.

    Companies participating in Kinesis also have the opportunity to utilize Haaga-Helia's learning environments and labs, such as Sales & eCom Lab and LAB8, for business development.

    As Finland's largest business educator, Haaga-Helia has a social responsibility and the honor of being involved in developing Finnish business.



    We are happy to provide presentations to your company on the program. Please feel free to be in touch for more information.



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