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Services to alumni

Services to alumni

Haaga-Helia’s alumni – A Network of Specialists Spanning the Globe

Welcome to your virtual Haaga-Helia, dear member of our alma mater. Haaga-Helia alumni are the graduates from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and the institutes preceding it – a link between the university and working life. There are currently approximately 25 000 Haaga-Helia alumni worldwide.

Haaga-Helia's aim with maintaining alumni relations is to cherish the contacts once created between Haaga-Helia and alumni, as well as between alumni themselves. This way, we can be sure that alumni are able to help today's students  to gain current information about business life.

We keep in contact with our alumni through the alumni database, which contains information about alumni's addresses, education and places of work. If you are our alumna or alumnus and do not currently receive any communications from us – please update your contact information hereYou can also join our groups in social media, about which you can find more information to the right of this text.

Read more about alumni relations .

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Alumni Relations

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