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The first phase of the HOTEM degree program THE-ICE accreditation has been approved

The first phase of the HOTEM degree program THE-ICE accreditation has been approved

HOTEM (Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management) has passed the pre-accreditation phase of the THE-ICE accreditation.

According to Vice-Rector Jouni Ahonen, "future accreditation will encourage us to continue to develop and passing the first phase shows that we already meet international quality criteria required for the higher education in hospitality and tourism."

As international competition has intensified in the hospitality and tourism education industry, we decided to apply for accreditation with a well-known and respected international organization. "In the next phase of the evaluation process, we will go through the self-evaluation assessment and see how well the HOTEM training program meets the requirements of THE-ICE Standards of Excellence," says Pirkko Salo, Director of the Degree Program.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences is currently a member of the Observatory at THE-ICE. As a full member, the HOTEM degree program will be accredited for at least five years, after which a new accreditation will be required to maintain accreditation and membership of THE-ICE.


THE-ICE (International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education) , a non-profit international organization established in Australia in 2004, serves as the accreditation and quality assurance agency for the hospitality and tourism industry.

Its members are public and private universities, vocational colleges and polytechnics. Many Haaga-Helia partner schools are involved in the organization.

THE-ICE is a full member of the International Network of Higher Education Quality Assurance Organizations (INQAAHE).


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