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Accommodation in Helsinki

Accommodation in Helsinki

Exchange students who apply to study in Helsinki (Haaga, Malmi or Pasila campus) can apply for accommodation from HOAS (Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region). Due to the large number of applicants, housing is not guaranteed to all applicants, especially in the autumn semester, but most applicants normally receive housing through HOAS. Students who will be placed to the Porvoo or Vierumäki campus, cannot receive housing from HOAS.

HOAS Application Process

The application form for exchange students and instructions are available on the HOAS website. Read through the instructions and fill in the online application.

  • The HOAS application form
  • The form includes a question about your faculty/unit at Haaga-Helia. Please select your “home campus” according to your field of study:
    • Hospitality or Tourism in Helsinki: Haaga campus
    • Business, IT or Communication in Helsinki: Pasila campus.

Haaga-Helia International Services will inform HOAS directly of all accepted applicants, i.e. exchange students do not have to provide HOAS information on their acceptance to Haaga-Helia.

HOAS Application Dates

  • Autumn semester: 1 April - 1 May
  • Spring semester: 1 October - 1 November

HOAS will send housing offers to students by email in May - August (Autumn term) / December - January (Spring term). Please note that you will receive only one housing offer. Tenancy agreements for exchange students are always made for a fixed period of time.

Due to the challenging housing situation in the Helsinki metropolitan region, students studying at Haaga-Helia's Helsinki campuses are strongly recommended to apply and accept accommodation offered by HOAS. Finding affordable furnished accommodation from the private market in the Helsinki metropolitan area can be very challenging!

HOAS Apartments

The HOAS apartments are located in the city of Helsinki, in different suburban areas. HOAS will try to place students according to their wishes regarding the flat type, location, and the proximity of their home campus, but please note that this is not always possible. The public transportation in the Helsinki metropolitan area is very efficient, so it is very easy to get to Haaga-Helia's different campuses from different suburban areas. Students get a 50% student discount of monthly transportation card (for more information, please see the HSL website).

Exchange students can apply for a single room or a shared room. Exchange students apartments are always furnished. There are following apartment types available for exchange students:

Students should note that the shared studio apartments are recommended only for couples or good friends, because there is only one small shared bedroom in the apartment, offering limited privacy. Students who want their own bedroom should apply for a room in a larger shared apartment. Male and female students are placed in separate apartments, unless students apply for housing as a couple.

All the HOAS rooms and apartments reserved for exchange students are furnished with basic furniture such as a bed, mattress, table, chairs, etc. All the rooms have free internet connection, but students must bring their own laptop. Students must buy their own pillows, blankets, bed linen, towels and dishes.

  • Keys
    • Keys are normally delivered to Haaga-Helia International Services
    • If you arrive during the pick-up service you will receive your HOAS keys from the pick-up service desk at the airport. Please note that in the autumn term the keys for some apartments will not be available before 1 September, so check your contract dates and book temporary housing for the first two weeks if needed!
    • The earliest move-in dates to the HOAS apartments (single room in a shared apartment) are Haaga-Helia's pick-up service dates.
    • Students arriving before or after the pick-up service: Please contact Haaga-Helia International Services (exch(a) well before your arrival to agree how you will get your keys and your Welcome Envelope. You can also ask your tutor to pick them up for you.

HOAS, Important to Note

  • Studio apartments are not normally available for exchange students, so we strongly recommend that you apply for another type of room!
  • Students arriving in the evenings or during the weekends need to book a room from a hostel/hotel until they can collect their keys.

For more information on HOAS apartments, rent, etc., please visit the HOAS website.

Temporary housing in Helsinki

If your HOAS apartment is available from 1 September, you will need to book temporary housing for the first two weeks. Students arriving (outside pick up hours) late in the evening or during the weekend should also book temporary housing until they can collect their keys. Please make a hostel reservation early enough. Due to the holiday season hostels are often fully booked in August. You can also try couch-surfing, a volunteer-based network for accommodation.

NOTE: Make sure you have a place to stay for the first nights after arriving in Finland!

Other housing options in Helsinki area

Finding affordable furnished accommodation from the private market in the Helsinki metropolitan area can be very challenging. Unfortunately in the autumn semester there are not enough HOAS apartments for all exchange students. If you have not received a HOAS housing offer by mid July, start looking for other housing options as soon as possible.

The most important thing is to be active yourself. Feel free to join forces with other incoming exchange students and look for an apartment together. We have a facebook group for incoming exchange students in Haaga-Helia called “Haaga-Helia Incoming Exchange Students”.

Useful tips for your housing search in Helsinki:

  • Private housing in Helsinki is expensive. Be prepared to pay 400-800€/month for housing
  • It is recommended to apply for an apartment simultaneously through various channels.
  • Your possibilities to find an apartment are significantly better if you are willing to live outside the city center or campus areas. The public transport in Helsinki is ranked among the best in Europe. You can easily check the transport connections from your apartment to the campus from the Helsinki Region Transport Journey Planner
  • When renting a flat from private person do not sign a contract before seeing the flat. Do not also send your passport information to anyone before you have seen the apartment and signed a contract. An offer that sounds too good to be true (e.g. very cheap apartment close to the center) is usually a scam.
  • Remember to cancel unnecessary applications after finding an accommodation: there are other students waiting for the housing in the queue.
  • MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A PLACE TO STAY BEFORE ARRIVING TO FINLAND - If you do not find a flat before arriving in Finland, remember to make a hostel reservation early enough.

Housing options

Contact information for housing

If you have any questions regarding your housing in Helsinki please contact: housing(a) HOAS related questions can be sent directly to HOAS customer service: exchangestudents(a)