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European University Diploma in Adapted Physical Activity, 60 ECTS.
Contact period, 30 ECTS, 25.1.2021 - 30.4.2021 in Finland

are defined through competencies, skills and attitudes the student has or will gain.

The student acts equal way to all people in her/his actions.  She/he is able to take into consideration the qualities of different individuals when planning, organizing and carrying out sports activities. She/he wants and is able organize physical activity to different people in inclusive settings, whenever it is possible and makes sense.

The student is able to adapt school curriculum in physical education to reflect current conditions and the needs of all students with special needs in physical education. (EIPET 2009)

The student is aware of the risk factors of health and physical activity and is able to give counselling in these matters. She/he is able to take into consideration factors connected to contacts and interaction in individual and group activity. She/he is familiar with special questions concerning apa administration. Through creativity she/he is able to bring new elements to adapted physical activity – to continue adapting.


    Step 1. 10 ects. Apa-related studies at home university before entering the intensive programme.
    Step 2. 30 ects. Intensive period in Finland at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. (in English)
    Step 3. 20 ects. Apa-related 12 week work placement in a foreign country.

The diploma is granted by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.