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Haaga-Helia School of Vocational Teacher Education offers programme in English to become a teacher in the vocational education sector.

The Vocational Teacher Education programme in English is meant for teachers and teacher applicants who plan to work at universities of applied sciences or at vocational institutions/colleges.

The teacher education programme combines a strong theoretical foundation with an investigative and developmental approach to teaching and the student-teacher experience. It has a special emphasis on the integration of theory and practice, as well as on encouraging students to participate developmental efforts in their own institutions. It fosters an investigative and development oriented approach to teaching.

In teaching and tutoring training, you will be able to develop your skills in practices. For example, your training may take place in projects between a vocational institution and working life, in classrooms or workshops, workplaces in the industry, online, in third sector locations or outside.

The education leads to a formal pedagogical qualification which applies for teacher’s positions in other educational institutions as well.  After completing the education, you’ll also have the skills and knowledge to act as human resource developer, consultant or self-employed trainer.

The  programme  is recommended for students who are not proficient in Finnish. There are also several study groups in Finnish, which you can choose if you are able to study in Finnish.

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  • Application period: from 2 to 21 January 2021 at 15.00
  • Studies begin in May 2021
  • If you apply from outside Finland, make sure you have all the permits needed before May 2021 to start your studies in Finland. Primarily the programme is not arranged as distance studies. 
Vocational teacher

Scope of the Programme: 60 credit points (ECTS)

Duration: 1–1,5, years

Campus: Pasila (Finland)

Mode of studies: Distance teaching, contact teaching

Language: English 

The titles of graduates: teacher, educator

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