Visiting Principal Lecturer of Practice


Lead paragraph

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences is one of Europe's biggest business and services-oriented universities, and a leader in many of its fields. Our students engage in learning in competences such as finance & economics, entrepreneurship, HR, digital services, data analytics, software development, hospitality, tourism, journalism, communication, sales, marketing, languages, sports, coaching, and vocational pedagogy. Our community consists of some 700 teaching, RDI and admin professionals, and 11 000 students.

This is not a job ad – and yet it is. Sort of.

For the first time in its history, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences is opening a position for

VISITING PRINCIPAL LECTURER OF PRACTICE (vieraileva työelämäyliopettaja)

for the period from autumn 2022 until summer 2023 (flexibly negotiable).

With the world digitalizing at an increasing pace, we’re welcoming a professional to contribute to our learning, research, development, and innovation activities in the themes of digital transformation and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Specifically, we’ve thought of the following areas (it can be something else within the themes):

  • AI applications in business and services
  • Machine learning applications
  • Sales digitalization and automation
  • Human-AI interaction (e.g. digital assistants)
  • Service robotics (speech user interfaces)
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Data analytics and data visualization
  • <you name it>

This is an opportunity for individuals and businesses alike as the person selected gets to know the workings of a university of applied sciences inside out while bringing the academic world a fresh breeze from the business side of things. Take a new step and let your research and development ideas fly. Bring your insights and networks, put them to play with our international network of researchers and experts, and open doors for possible new innovations. For business decision-makers letting their professional take a year off, this is an opportunity to peek into the world of learning and development – and – possibly lure graduating students into career paths at your company. At the same time, there is the win-win of tuning the learning offering into the needs of companies. In short, this is an opportunity to do good (almost) at zero cost.

You will need to apply for the post, but we’re happy to assist in creating the detailed work plan for you. Mostly, you’ll be working with our research, development, and innovation activities, as well as with our students and the teaching staff. It would be great if you spoke Finnish, but that’s not mandatory.

If you’re interested in working with us for an academic year, please let us hear from you! We will be organizing a series of individual Teams sessions (a reverse job interview) for those interested in this unique opportunity. Book your slot here, and if possible, bring your boss along.

For more information, please contact

+358 294471500
+358 294471308