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Service Management and Marketing

25.10.2018 - 09:15 to 26.10.2018 - 17:00
Service Management and Marketing

Service Excellence programs have a fantastic collection of modules for leaders, entrepreneurs and experts. Come and develop yourself and your organization!

Venue: Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Pasila Campus, Ratapihantie 13, 00520 Helsinki

Dates: 25th- 26th October 2018 (9.15-17.00)
Lecturer: Kari Hautakoski, M. Sc., (Econ.)

Learning objectives

After completing the course student knows and understands:

  • Basic concepts of service management and marketing
  • Analyze and design service systems that meet customer needs
  • Analyze and implement services excellence strategies through use of the strategic services gap model
  • Understands service processes in different business environments
  • Integrate customer focus across functions in the firm
  • Develop and analyze service flowcharts and blueprints


Following topics will be covered during the course:

  • Definition and history of services
  • Service strategy
  • Service quality
  • 7 P’s in service marketing
  • Encountering customers
  • Managing service operations
  • Introduction to service development


please ask for details about pre- and post-assignment
 Autumn 2018 module price is 790 euros + 24 % VAT.

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