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Degree Programme in Communication Management, Pasila campus, Master education

Degree Programme in Communication Management, Pasila campus, Master education

Profile of the Degree Programme | Key Learning Outcomes | Professional GrowthOffering | Curriculum

Haaga-Helia's Master's Programmes are being renewed for application in Spring 2019. Starting from autumn 2019, Degree Programme in Communication Management exists in Degree Programme Leading Business Transformation and in its Finnish equivalent Liiketoiminnan uudistamisen ja johtamisen koulutus as a specialization area.

Degree Programme in Communication Management in a Nutshell

Name of qualification: Master of Business Administration
Level of qualification: Master's degree
ECTS credits: 90 ECTS
Official length of the programme: 1,5 - 2 years
Mode of Study: Part-time Master's programme
Programme contents: Core studies, Elective studies, Master's thesis including Maturity Examination
General arrangements for the accreditation of prior learning: See HAAGA-HELIA's arrangements for the accreditation of prior learning >>
Admission requirements: Act of Polytechnics 9.5.2003/351 20§
Access to further study:
Internationalization: The students represent various nationalities and work in organizations operating in global settings, which allow learning to take place in multicultural teams.  The learning assignments mirror communication professional’s work in a global setting. The students can also take part in an exchange program with selected partner universities of HAAGA-HELIA UAS.
Employment opportunities after graduation: The program encourages the students to study and work concurrently, which gives the students the opportunity to integrate real-life projects in academic studies. This exchange between work and academic discipline enhances the skills and competencies the students need to advance professionally in the fields of communication, marketing or media especially in their own organizations.
Cooperation with working life and with other associates: The courses and learning assignments mirror the everyday business in corporations and other large organizations. Courses include guest lectures, visits and/or real-life cases to be solved. The thesis work is always a development project in an organization.


Profile of the Degree Programme in Communication Management

What makes the programme different?

  • Practical approach to learning – learning by doing and working
  • Flexibility in studies: evening and weekend lessons, intensive periods, distance studies
  • Possibility to personalize studies.

This degree programme is designed to offer relevant learning opportunities that relate to everyday business as well as communication disciplines most typically practiced in organizations operating internationally in global markets. The practical approach with its intensive learning sprees aims to give students a solid basis on top of which they can build their careers and grow into leaders in their field.

Key learning outcomes of the Degree Programme

The goal of the degree programme is to deepen the communication management and leadership skills needed in the field of communication in international and global settings. During the course of the programme, the students will learn skills that help them become trusted counselors and professionals within their respective communities.

Professional growth

Upon graduation, students gain an internationally recognized degree called Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Communication Management.

Balanced semester offering

The curriculum of the programme has been designed to mirror everyday business to the extent possible without forgetting the needed academic discipline and rigour. The studies have been divided into semesters so that students have a choice of entities that make use of various virtual tools as well as entities containing intensive study periods.