Service Design for a Physical-Digital World

Lab8 Service Design training

“The only people who refer to their customers as ‘users’ are drug dealers and technologists.” Manoush Zomorodi


By participating in this training, you will learn how to solve ‘real’ business problems or yield opportunities with service design thinking. Therefore, participants will apply LAB8’s service design process, methods and tools to the design of a new phygital service.

Day 1 (Tue 30.3.2021)

  • Service design terminology, and principles
  • Service design processes, methods and tools
  • Methods and tools for empathy, understanding and thinking
  • Gain empathy and understand users, the company, stakeholders and design drives
  • Give strategic direction and define the challenge - problem or opportunity

Day-2 (Thu 15.4.)

  • Methods and tools for generating and filtering ideas
  • Co-create new service solutions - useful, usable, and desirable
  • Think divergently by using imagination, creativity and play to generate ideas
  • Think convergently by applying criteria to evaluate and select options

Day-3 (Tue 27.4.)

  • Methods and tools for prototyping and testing solutions
  • Visualize and tangibilize solutions - effective, efficient, and distinctive
  • Use of storytelling to explain services solutions

Participants receive a HH/LAB8 and SDN - Service Design Network branded certificate after completion

Key Learning Outcomes

After completing this training, you will be able to:

  • know the main principles of service design,
  • understand the key terminology related to service design,
  • comprehend LAB8’s service design process,
  • apply LAB8’s service design process, methods and tools to a business case,
  • empathize and gain insights from users, stakeholders, and the business case context,
  • analyze and apply trends to the business case,
  • evaluate and synthesize insights,
  • generate ideas to develop a new phygital service,
  • judge ideas for new phygital service,
  • prototype ideas, and
  • explain the new phygital service concept.

Training Prerequisite



The trainers are service design experts from Haaga-Helia's LAB8 - Service Experience Laboratory and SDN Accredited Master Trainers

Mario Passos
+358 40 4887 203
+358 294471505

To Whom:
This training is for curious people who wish to understand the fundamentals of service design and its application to real-life business situations. Each of the days offers a hands-on minds-on immersive training on designing services for a world where physical and digital are becoming one (phygital).

Training Dates:
This training includes 3 full days, and each day runs from 9:00 to 16:00 EET.

  • March 30th
  • April 14th
  • April 27th

Platform details will be shared with course registrants prior to course

1490,00 € + alv 24% = total 1847,60 €

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+358 294471090