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Semester Fee

Semester Fee

The Fees of Open University of Applied Sciences  are based on the government decree (1440/2014) and law (932/2014).

The semester fee in Haaga-Helia UAS Open University is 150 euros, which gives a limitless study right for one semester. The fee for individual courses is 15€/ECTS.

Our semesters are following:
Autumn semester: 1.8 – 31.12
Spring semester: 1.1 – 31.7

We can refund the semester fee or extend the validity of it if the number of enrolled students exceeds the number of places available and we are not able to offer a corresponding course during the same semester.  Refund is also possible if Haaga-Helia UAS is not able to offer courses for at least the minimum of 10 ECTS/semester. Interruption of studies does not entitle student to a refund.