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International Work Placement

International Work Placement

Code: PLA6PO110
Extent: 30 ECTS  (completed as one or two to three shorter units)
Timing: 4th semester or earlier if completed in smaller units
Language: English
Curriculum: All Porvoo Curricula
Level: Work Placement
Type: Compulsory

Starting level and linkage with other courses

The student has successfully completed the Basic Studies (= the two first semester courses) or 120 ECTS if wishing to do the 30 ECTS work placement. Tourism students might have their first placement after the 1st semester.

Learning objectives and assessment

The student learns to develop his/her professional skills and to link his/her academic studies with real-life work practices and is able to evaluate and develop his/her workplace environment. Work placement is assessed as pass  (H=accepted) or fail. Please see MyNet for further information.

Recognising and validating prior learning (RPL)

If students have longer previous employment experience involving responsible tasks within the main study field, they can show the competence with a demonstration and progress faster through their studies. More information and instructions for recognising and validating prior learning (RPL) are available at MyNet.


Work placement is performed in an international setting where the student works and communicates with other nationalities in an international setting outside Finland or his/her home country.


Work placement period is one uninterrupted period or several shorter ones. Work placement can be full-time or part-time work with a minimum of 20 h/week. A students submits a written work placement notification (application) to the work placement coordinator. Work placement comprises the following:

  • Participation in a placement info meeting before work placement.
  • Contact with the work placement advisor (lecturer) before and during the placement.
  • Placement period in an approved company or organization.
  • Keeping a learning log.
  • Submitting a written or an oral placement report with the required attachments. OR Alternatively, writing HH work placement blog and submitting the required documents to the advisor.
  • Giving feedback on the learning platform or submitting a Work Placement Abroad –student report

Learning methods

Work placement lecture
Independent work according to goals set
Communication with the work placement advisor


Work placement is assessed Pass or Fail. The employer/supervisor at the work placement evaluates the student’s competence and gives a written evaluation/testimonial.

Teachers responsible

Work Placement Coordinator for International Placement:
Liisa Wallenius, placement abroad
Leena Aitto-oja, non-Finnish students’ placement in Finland