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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Code: OPE4PO042
Scope: 6 ECTS
Timing: 5th-6th semester
Language: English
Curriculum: All Porvoo Curricula
Level: Professional studies
Type: Elective

Starting level and linkage with other courses

ERP or a similar course, SAP as a Management Tool or similar course are recommended

Learning objectives and assessment

Upon successful completion of this course, the student

  • understands the trends that are ongoing in BI business and technology fields

  • understands the relevance of business intelligence for an enterprise

  • is able to use several BI applications, such as MS PowerBI, potentially SAP BO/BI in addition to MS Office applications

  • is able to create Data Models, Dashboards and Infocubes, and use them to analyze BI information for decision making in a competitive situation (ref. game)

  • understands the generic BI architecture and concepts around it

  • is able to use some tools to analyze Bigdata

In order to achieve

Grade 5
the student has to attend all game events as well as do and submit all assignments correctly and in time.

Grade 3
the student has to attend game events as well as do and submit all assignments almost correctly and in time.

Grade 1
the student has to attend game events as well as do and submit most assignments.

Recognising and validating prior learning (RPL)

If students have acquired the required competence in previous work tasks, recreational activities or on another course, they can show the competence with a demonstration and progress faster through their studies. More information and instructions for recognising and validating prior learning (RPL) are available at MyNet.

Working life connections

Data that is used for analysis throughout the course, represent either real business cases or simulated business cases.


Global competences and skills

Learning methods

Inquiry learning, learning through gaming, experimental learning
Contact lessons
Individual and team assignments

Course teacher(s)

Veijo Vänttinen, Porvoo

Learning materials

Compulsory ERPsim license (CAD 50)

Learning material given through Moodle and ERPsim website.