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Basics of Law

Basics of Law

Code: LAW8HH002
Extent: 3 ECTS (81 h)
Language: English
Level: Basic studies
Type: Free elective, see the substitutives in different study programmes


No prerequisites.

Learning outcomes

The student will learn to perceive the Finnish legal order as a part of the European Union Law and develop his/her facility for responsible activities in the society. The student's own reasoning and application ability improve to support his/her further studies. He/she learns to search for professionally significant legal information and to apply this knowledge, especially within the scope of private law.

Course contents

  • Sources of the Finnish law

  • Legal personality; legal entities, legal capacity, contractual capacity

  • Contracts; formation of contracts, invalidity and adjustment of contracts

  • Sale of goods

  • Competition law; competition restrictions, unfair competition

  • One ot the following options: 1) Labor law: collective agreements, employment contracts, termination of employment relationship, 2) Leasehold law: tenancy

  • One of the following options: 1) Corporate law: forms of enterprise, 2) Debts and collaterals                                                                                                                                                                                    

    When making the choice between the alternatives, the student shall consider the contents of the corresponding course in his/her own degree program.

Cooperation with the business community

The course contains real business-based examples and cases.

Teaching and learning methods

The course takes place on Moodle e-learning platform. The student works independently, following the weekly order of subjects. The studies consist of learning the given material, completing 8 assignments and participating in discussion on the platform. In the end of the course the student must pass an exam on Moodle.

Accreditation of prior learning

Accreditation of prior learning is observed on the course according to separate instructions.

Teachers with the main responsibility for the course

Satu Pitkänen

Course materials

Surakka, Aapo. Access to Finnish law. WSOY. Helsinki 2005 (or a newer edition)

Material on Moodle e-learning platform

The relevant acts on www.finlex.fi

Assessment criteria

0-5, passed/failed