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StartUp School - Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset

StartUp School - Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset

Course name: StartUp School – Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset
Code: WOR8HH022
Scope: 5 ECTS (135 h)
Timing: 1-7 semester
Language: English or Finnish
Course level: Professional Studies (or Free-choice)
Course type: Elective (or Free-choice)


Details of implementation and enrolment: https://startupschool.fi/developing-entrepreneurial-mindset/


Starting level and linkage with other courses
You should have a business idea to work with before entering this course.


Learning objectives
You will analyse yourself as an entrepreneur and learn to understand entrepreneurial lifestyle. By taking the first steps to define and develop the idea towards feasible business, you will start building your own entrepreneurial path. You also analyse and start to extend your entrepreneurial network during this course.


Recognizing and validating prior learning (RPL)
Accreditation of prior learning is applied on the course according to separate instructions. Please contact startupschool@haaga-helia.fi.


Working life connections
You develop and describe your own business idea and validate it with potential customers.


Internationality is visible through the assignments, meetings and group discussions.



  • Me as an Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurship as a lifestyle
  • Customer problem and value proposition
  • Idea description and prototype creation
  • Network analysis and interview of the entrepreneur
  • Cost structure and revenue streams
  • Pitching your idea to the entrepreneurial society


Learning methods
Two f-2-f meetings, independent assignments, discussions and comments to the other students and pitching your idea.


Assessment criteria
You work independently, return your assignments, and discuss actively and develop your business idea during the course. Course assessment is on a scale of 1 to 5. The assessment criteria is on a scale of 1-3-5.






Student understands own strengths and development areas. He/she identifies own entrepreneurial vision.

+ Based on self-analysis and discussions with others, student recognizes where he needs help and can build his activities based on this analysis.

+ Student creates a realistic and personal entrepreneur development plan and starts to implement it.

Communication and networks

Student describes his own network and recognizes for whom (stakeholders) he needs to communicate the business idea.


+ Student identifies the communication needs related to each stakeholder.

+ Student prepares communication plan to support the implementation of the business idea and justifies the need for those.

Idea development

Student takes the first customer contacts to test the idea and vision. Student describes customer problem, solution and value proposition of the idea.

+ Student tests and develops the idea further based on the customer feedback.

+ Student analyses and describes the business model of the idea

+ Student creates, describes and justifies the business idea as feasible business case, pitch and justify it to the other students.

Team work

Contribution in the group discussions active and student gives feedback to the others.

+ Student participates in the group discussions actively and helps other students with their challenges.

+ Student participates to the group discussion in   Impressive way and contributes to the other students and share new ideas to the other students’ work.


Teachers responsible
Please email startupschool@haaga-helia.fi


Course material
Available on Claned https://app.claned.com