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Basics of Restaurant Services

Basics of Restaurant Services

• Code: SOC2RB013B
• Extent: 3 ECTS (78 h)
• Timing: Semester 1
• Language: English
• Level: Professional studies
• Type: compulsory

This course is a part of Hospitality Services SOC2RB013.

Learning outcomes
During this course student will learn restaurant service methods so that he/she knows how to serve food and beverages in different environments.

• Is self-directed in his/her service processes
• Shows willingness to serve in a professional manner and understands that hospitality is one of the central values and success factors of the sector
• Has a good command of daily customer service in several languages

Course contents
service methods and practices
understanding customer needs
fixtures and dishes
restaurant etiquette

Cooperation with the business community and other organisations
After this course student is ready for his/her practical training period.

Teaching and learning methods
It is possible to complete the course based on classroom learning, part time learning.

a) Classroom learning:
Lectures and Examination 32 h
Self-studies 55 h
The own learning assessment 1 h

b) Part Time Learning:
Lectures and Examination 12 h
Self-studies 32 h
The own learning assessment 1 h

Identifying and acknowledging previously acquired skills (in Finnish AHOT)
Courses or parts of courses at other educational institutes or work experience are not accredited as such towards the HAAGA-HELIA studies directly, but the required skills and competences are demonstrated by a skills examination.

Teacher/s with the main responsibility for the course
Sipponen Taru, Haaga

Course materials
Lecture material
Lillcrap, D. and Cousins, J. 2006. Food and Beverage Service. Hodder Arnold.

Examination 30 %
Assignment 50%
Classroom activity 20%

The own learning assessment assignment does not impact your grade. The
assignment is the same for all courses/modules and your answers will be used
also for course/module development. The assignment is completed online in

Assessment criteria

Grade 1
• outline basic skills required at the restaurant
• knows different kinds of restaurants

Grade 3
• compare different kind of customers group
• organize  tasks in a dining room during customer service process

Grade 5
• plan and organize customer service process in a dinig room
• understands different customer groups and their needs