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Introduction to Hospitality studies at Haaga Campus

Introduction to Hospitality studies at Haaga Campus

Code: SOC1RZ001
Scope: 1 credits
Timing: Winter/ spring
Language: English
Level: Pre-basic studies
Type: Free elective course

Learning objectives
Upon completion of the module, the student
• can evaluate his/her personal motivation for university studies
• is familiar with structure and contents of hospitality studies in the University of Applied Sciences level
• is familiar with Haaga-Helia reporting and presentation styles
• recognizes future career opportunities in the hospitality field
• is familiar with a nature of hospitality business in Finland

• Career path during and after Bachelor studies
• Facts and figures of hospitality industry in Finland
• International trends shaping hospitality industry
• Written and oral communication
• Academic information seeking

Starting level and linkage with other modules
Module targeted for Open University students interested in University of Applied Sciences level -studies.

Tourism Management failed/passed
Restaurant Management failed/passed
Hotel Management failed/passed
Exam failed/passed 

The module is evaluated on a scale passed/failed.

Student knows Haaga campus curricula for HOTEM studies and elements needed for successful career path. Student knows methods of Haaga-Helia written and oral communication. She/he attends actively at classes having not more than one absence. Student submits all learning assignments according to given deadlines.

Student do not submit learning assignments of the module. Student is absent from the class more than once.

Working life connections
The module involves presentations of/meetings with Haaga alumnis and information about their career paths.

Module contents international trends shaping the industry and meeting international Haaga alumnis.

Learning methods
The learning goals of this module can be reached in the following way:
a. Lectures and related assignments as full-time studies

Assessing one’s own learning is a compulsory part of the module.

Teacher responsible
Mia Tarhanen, Haaga