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Personal Communication Skills

Personal Communication Skills

• Code: SOC1RB003
• Extent: 3 credit (81 h)
• Timing: period 1-2
• Language: English
• Level: Basic studies
•Type: compulsory

No prerequisites

Learning outcomes
After successful completion of course students will be able to confidently handle a variety of situations in a typical working environment. They will develop the following:

• good spoken and written English language skills
• self awareness of interpersonal communication skills and areas needing improvement
• skills of constructive criticism, both of themselves and colleagues
• listening and presentation skills
• development tools to improve communication level

Course contents
• verbal and non-verbal communication
• perception of audience and readers
• structure of a spoken and written presentation
• importance of body language during presentation
• recorded video critics

Connections with working and professional life
The course consists of co-operating with students’ place of employment or other company/organisation operating in the business to meet the learning objectives.

The course is conducted in HOSBA-programs with a mix of international students and exchange students.

Teaching and learning methods
Discussion and oral presentations
Reading and written assignments
Visiting lecturers

Work load of full-time students
Classroom learning:
Oral communication               26h
Written communication          13h
Computer classes                   9h
Independent work load          33h

Work load of part-time students
Classroom learning:
Oral communication                9h
Written communication          4,5h
Computer classes                   4,5h
Independent work load          63h

Teacher/s with the main responsibility for the course
Wallace Reynolds, Haaga

Course materials
Selected articles and material given by the lecturer
HAAGA-HELIA report writing guidelines

Assessment criteria
Active participation (mandatory attendance 80%)                              
Oral discussion  50 %
Written assignments and communication 50%