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Strategic Management

Strategic Management

• Code: SMB2RB001
• Extent: 3 ECTS (81 h)
• Timing: Semester 4.-5.
• Language: English
• Level: Professional studies
• Type: Compulsory

Introduction to Studies and Hospitality Business, Hospitality Services module, Basics of Human Behaviour, Managing Teams and Leading People in addition the 1st part of the concentration studies should be successfully completed.

Learning outcomes
The objective is to understand the meaning of strategic thinking in changing business environment. The student will learn the principles of strategy process and the ideas of competitive strategies and resource based strategy. The student understands the significance of collaborative strategy implementation.

Student will
• understand the meaning of strategic thinking
• understand the changes of business environment and its influence on the operation
• know the principles of strategy process

Course contents
• Concepts and levels of strategic management
• Values and organisational culture
• Business environmental analyses
• Principles of strategy process
• Participative strategy process
• Competitive strategies
• Resource based view
• Strategy implementation

Cooperation with the business community and other organisations
The course includes either an assignment with purpose to analyse strategic decisions and options of a chosen company or a development project which is carried out in cooperation with a case company.

The course is conducted in HOSBA-programs with a mix of international students and exchange students.

Teaching and learning methods

a) Classroom learning:
Lectures and Examination 24 h
Self-studies 56 h
The assessment of one’s own learning 1 h

b) Part Time Learning:
Lectures and Examination 14 h
Self-studies 66 h
The assessment of one’s own learning 1 h

Recognition of Prior Learning, RPL  (in Finnish AHOT)
The required skills and competences can be demonstrated by a skills examination.

Teachers with the main responsibility for the course
Meri Vehkaperä
Eija Kjelin

Course materials
Course materials will be announced later.

Examination 60 %
Participation and assignments 40 %

The assessment of one’s own learning does not influence the grade. The assignment is the same for all courses/modules and the answers will also be used for course/module development. The assignment is completed online in WinhaOpaali.

Assessment criteria