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Personal Development: Career

Personal Development: Career

Code: SLF1RZ003
Scope: 2-ects (54-hours)
Timing: Year-3, Period 5
Language: English
Level: Basic Studies
Type: Mandatory

Learning objectives
Upon completion of the course, the student is able to:
•    recognize the development and professional competence gained through studies and personal experiences
•    perceive his/her own value base and justify own choices
•    possess modern job seeking skills (eg. electronic tools). Knows how to make own potential and skills visible
•    specify own career plan and plan the potential life path

•    Positive psychology tools for developing own personality, values and self-knowledge
•    Current career plan
•    Modern job searching methods

Starting level and linkage with other courses
The course is suggested to accomplish after the 2nd year “Personal Development: Aspiration course” and is targeted only to HH Degree students (not available for open university students).

Successful completion of the course is evaluated on a scale pass/fail.

The student ponders and reflects the development of his/her own personality. He/she can evaluate professional and personal goals in relation to his/her skills and strengths. Student knows how to apply modern job searching methods.

The student does not reflect the development of his/ her own personality. He or she is not able to evaluate professional or personal goals in relation to his/her own skills and strengths. The student is not familiar with modern job searching methods.

Working life connections
Haaga-Helia Alumni may introduce their career paths in the course.

Student understands the possibilities of the international labor markets.

Learning methods
The learning goals of this course can be reached in the following ways:
In this course, two methods are used: (1) self-directed online learning and (2) personal coaching
Assessing one´s own learning is a compulsory part of the course.

Teachers responsible
Kristiina Adamsson, Haaga
Ulla Ijäs, Haaga