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Meeting Industry

Meeting Industry

• Code: SJL3RL010
• Extent: 13 ECTS (351 h)
• Timing: Semester 5 and 6
• Language: English
• Level:  Specialization studies
• Type: Professional Specialization Studies (PSS)

All first and second years studies completed. Three courses: Meeting Industry and Business Travel, Event Management – Case Project and Future Trends of Meeting Industry and Business Travel form the specialization studies of Meeting Industry.  All three courses perform at the same time and it is not allowed to take only one single course of this Meeting Industry specialization option.  See the previous information of the studies.

Learning outcomes
The objective is that the students take a comprehensive view of Business Travel, Meeting Industry and Conference & Event Management. During the course, each area will be focusing by lectures, study visits, assignments and undertaking collaborative projects with industry. Students learn to understand how Business Travel and Meeting Industry are structured; the course supports work life -orientation and students will learn Conference and Event management by working as assistants in the project together with our partner companies.

Course contents
• Business Travel and Meeting Industry
• Event Management – Case Project
• Future Trends of Meeting Industry and Business Travel

Cooperation with the business community and other organizations
The course includes projects and assignments with various business travel companies.

The international partners for the course are various business travel and event management companies and organizations at branch

Teaching and learning methods
Classroom teaching, group works and individual assignments. Industry expert’s visits and projects with our business partners allow the students to learn by observation and case studies.

Alternative completions
If student has worked at least three months in business travel or meeting industry company or student has finalized similar studies at international exchange school or working placement and got the same learning through it.

Recognition of Prior Learning, RPL  (in Finnish AHOT)
The required skills and competences can be demonstrated by a skills examination.

Teacher/s with the main responsibility for the course
Salla Juustila
Nina Ståhls

Course materials
Davidson and Cope: Business Travel
Rogers, T: Conferences A twenty-first century industry
Watt, D.: Event Management in Leisure and Tourism
Wagen, L.:  Event Management For Tourism, Cultural, Business and Sporting Events

Additional reading
Will be given at the beginning of the course.

Assessment criteria
Weights for the assessment criteria are communicated to participants at the beginning of the course.