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Advanced Placement in the Industry

Advanced Placement in the Industry

Code: RWP6RB009A
Extent: 10 ECTS
Timing: 5. semester
Level: work placement
Type: compulsory

Advanced placement will be completed after the second academic year and it requires completion of the placement in the industry and summer placement.

Learning outcomes
The objective of the advanced placement in the hotel and restaurant industry is to develop skills and expertise by working in demanding tasks that require responsibility and versatile knowledge, possibly in a managerial position. The placement will also enable the student to learn how success stories are created in accommodation and restaurant business. Working in the industry will help the student evaluate a variety of career planning options.

Course contents
Advanced placement will be completed after the second academic year during the time period of the end of May to the end of October. The advanced placement job should include a minimum of eight weeks of working in a responsible task that requires versatile knowledge. The student should keep a journal of the placement and he/she must write a report after the placement. A teacher from the study programme will pay a visit on placement sites to discuss with the employer and the student (objective 80% of placement jobs in Finland).

Cooperation with the business and international
Placement jobs are located in hotel, restaurant and tourism businesses in Finland and abroad.

Teaching and learning methods
There will be several information sessions about the placement. Students will have opportunities to receive counselling in defining personal objectives before the placement period. Student will write his/her own journal during the placement and the report after the placement.

Recognition of Prior Learning, RPL  (in Finnish AHOT)
The required skills and competences can be demonstrated by a skills examination.

Teacher with the main responsibility for the course
Taina Pallonen

Course materials
Advanced placement guide will be published annually in the student extranet. Making the Most of your Work Experience handbook is used in the information sessions where students define their  personal objectives before the placement period.

Assessment criteria
Advanced placement is assessed PASS or FAIL.