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Summer Placement

Summer Placement

Code: RWP6RB004B
Extent: 10 ECTS
Timing: 2. – 3. semester
Language: English/Finnish
Level: work placement

The professional work placement in the industry requires completion of the Hospitality Services study module and the placement in the industry (10cr) completed.  Summer Placement is a part of Practical Training (RWP6RB004).

Learning outcomes
The objective of the summer placement period is that the student will deepen his/her knowledge in diverse business environments and cultures of the hotel and restaurant industry. In addition, the training will enable the student to connect with the industry-based organisations and people to improve his/her future employment and career opportunities.

Course contents
Summer placement is carried out under managerial supervision for a period minimum of eight weeks or 280 hours. The training may be completed either in Finland or abroad and in most cases it takes place during the summer between the first and the second academic year. The student should keep a journal of the placement and he/she must write a report after the placement. The report should include a brief company presentation, description of the placement and evaluation.

Cooperation with the business and international
Placement jobs are located in hotel, restaurant and tourism businesses in Finland and abroad.

Teaching and learning methods
The student will receive counselling in defining personal objectives before the placement period. Student writes his/her own journal during the placement and the report after the placement.

Teacher with the main responsibility for the course
Taina Pallonen, Haaga
Pirkko Salo, Haaga

Course materials
material given by the training co-ordinators

Assessment criteria
Pass/fail on the basis of accepted training and placement report.