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Block-12 Bachelor's Thesis

Block-12 Bachelor's Thesis

Code: RTH7RX001
Extent: 15-ECTS
Language: English
Level: Thesis
Type: Compulsory

Block content
Sj1: Thesis Seminar (3-ects); and Sj2: Thesis (12-ects)

Co-operation with the business community
Students will conduct their bachelor thesis to selected partner organisations.

International aspects
In this block (taught in English) it is ensured that the learning activities include a global/ international perspective. Instructors and supervisors infuse international elements into thesis content and international resources are used in the thesis. Instructors and supervisors also use instructional methods appropriate to a culturally diverse student population, and international organisations are always sought.

Learning and teaching methods
The DP in EXWEL Management uses Innovation-Based Learning (I-BL) that has at its core co-learning (instructor-student-manager). In IB-L Constructivist Theories of Learning are favoured. Three main Learning and Teaching methods are used: (1) contact teaching; (2) directed learning; and (3) self-directed Learning. A proportion of all subject/course hours provide the opportunity for teaching contact between students and members’ staff. Contact teaching takes the following forms: lectures, tutorials, seminars, workshops. In addition, various forms of directed learning are use, such as: projects, individual and/or group assignments, essays, experiential learning (working for companies), study visits and field trips. Self-directed learning is also an important part of this Block and students are encouraged in all subjects to develop the ability to learn on their own and thus to take more responsibility for setting the objectives of their study work.

To be announced

Assessment criteria
100% Thesis *

* requires a Maturity Examination (P/F)

Block instructors/lecturers
Dr Mário Passos A.

Feedback and development
The type and nature of feedback which students receive on their academic performance will vary according to the subject and activity. Instructors will do their utmost to provide students with clear, constructive and timely feedback throughout the entire learning process.

Students will be asked to complete an anonymous feedback form at the end of the Block 12.
Student feedback is used to further develop the Block's (and its subjects') learning outcomes, content and activities.

Previously acquired competences
Studies (in form of courses or parts of courses) completed at other educational institutes and/or work experience are not accredited as such in this block’s studies (subjects/courses) directly, but the required competences can be demonstrated by a ‘competences examination’.