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Thesis seminar

Thesis seminar

• Code: RRD7RB001A
• Extent: 3 ECTS

Learning outcomes
The aim of the thesis seminar is to give the student support and supervision in doing their own thesis work. At the beginning of the seminar the subject and the research problem of the work are defined and the thesis is work is begun. The student receives feedback both from the supervising teacher and the other participants in the seminar. As the thesis process proceeds, each student acts as an opponent for another student. After completing their own written report the student presents their work at the presentation of thesis. 
Teaching and learning methods
Participation in the seminar work (100% attendance required), discussions with the supervisor, presentation of the thesis, acting as opponent and the maturity test. 
 The student participates actively in FOUR thesis presentations, ONCE acting as an opponent and presenting his/her own work.

Course contents
Thesis seminar is a tutorial for writing thesis during the months to come. In the seminar the student develops a thesis topic and a research plan to carry out the thesis research. 
Upon completion of the thesis seminar, the student 
    * understands what kind of theses exist and what are their requirements and evaluation principles 
    * introduces the topic for his/her thesis 
    * prepares a plan for carrying out the research process 
    * is familiar with the thesis writing process 
    * is able to act as an opponent to other students presenting their theses 
    * presents his/her thesis and argue for it successfully

Teachers with the main responsibility for the course
Pirkko Salo
Mario Ascencao

Assessment criteria
The grade will be incorporated with the Thesis grade to RRD7RB001B