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Barista Course

Barista Course

Code: RES8RZ002
Scope: 1 ECTS
Language: English
Level: Free-choice Studies
Type: Free-choice

Learning objectives
A student understands the meaning of special coffees in restaurants’ and cafeterias’ offering. She/he is able to make and serve some most common special coffees. 

Coffee as an ingredient
Coffee drinks supply
Making special coffees in practice

Starting level and linkage with other courses
No Prerequisites. Course is for Haaga campus students only. Teaching takes place at the premises of Paulig Ltd in Vuosaari, Helsinki. There is no course fee, but a fine of 20 euros is collected if a student accepted to the course does not attend the intensive teaching day. 

Barista course is assessed as passed / failed.

Working life connections
Course is implemented by Paulig Instituutti


Learning methods
Intenstive teaching day at Paulig
Self studying
Practical training at Haaga Campus Restaurant Caffeli

Assessing one´s own learning is a compulsory part of the course.

Teacher responsible
Coordinator Eeva Pajakkala
Trainers from Paulig