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Work Placement 2

Work Placement 2

Code: PLA6RZ002 (15 cr), PLA6RZ006 (5 cr), PLA6RZ007 (5 cr), PLA6RZ008 (5 cr)
Extent: 15 cr
Timing: 1 semester
Language: English/ Finnish
Level: Advanced work placement
Type: Compulsory

Learning objectives
• Placement in a hotel, restaurant or tourism company aims to give the student experience of supervisory work and give them an opportunity to develop their supervisory skills by working as a responsible supervisor him/herself
• In addition, the student has an opportunity to learn the attributes which make a company successful
• Advanced placement in the Industry gives the student an opportunity to discover possible future career options. Work as a duty-manager, supervisor or team-leader in a Finnish or international hotel, restaurant or tourism company or organization.
• The placement will enhance previous know-how and allow the student to evaluate the relevant standards; working methods and their own eligibility in the industry
• The student will also develop self-evaluation and observation skills.

• During the second or third academic year the student is required to complete a minimum of 375 hours of advanced training
• Training can be divided parts 5 credit=125 hours,10 credits= 250 hours or 375 hours 15 credits
• Advanced training period can be combination of project and work
• Previous experience and professional goals of the trainee are considered in each individual placement plan.
• The requirements for the employer offering the practical training placement are that they nominate a supervisor for the student and reserve a necessary amount of time for introducing and guiding the student to, and guiding the student in, their work.
• Placement sites range from restaurants, meeting and sales services, restaurant kitchens and hotel receptions to travel business
• A training contract is made between the company offering the placement and Haaga-Helia UAS. The student usually does not receive any wages.

Starting level and linkage with other courses
Work placement 1

Advanced placement is assessed pass/fail. The student writes a training report on the basis of the diary entries. The report has two parts and the total length of report is about 8-10 pages.

Working life connections and internationality
Placement jobs are located in hotel, restaurant and tourism businesses in Finland and abroad.

Learning methods
The placement orientation addresses issues regarding e.g. finding a placement job, a trainee’s role at work and learning at work. After the placement period students, will get feedback of the report.

Assessing one’s own learning is a compulsory part of the course.

Teacher responsible
Taina Pallonen