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Work Placement 1

Work Placement 1

Code: PLA6RZ001 (15 cr), PLA6RZ003 (5 cr), PLA6RZ004 (5 cr), PLA6RZ005 (5 cr)
Scope: 15 ECTS
Timing: 1 semester
Language: English/ Finnish
Level: Work Placement
Type: Compulsory

Learning objectives
• The objective of the basic placement is to acquaint the student with industry-related operations, customer service and tasks.
• The placement will enhance previous know-how and allow the student to evaluate the relevant standards; working methods and his/her own eligibility in the industry.
• The student will also develop self-evaluation and observation skills.

• During the first academic year, the student is required to complete a minimum of 375 hours of basic training. This training period can be divided to three parts. 125 hours ( 5 cr) PLA6RZ003,  250 hours ( 10 credits) PLA6RZ004 & 5.
• The curriculum integrates a period of ten weeks to allow students to complete the placement in the industry.  Previous experience and professional goals of the trainee are considered in each placement plan.
• Placement sites range from restaurants, meeting and sales services, restaurant kitchens and hotel receptions to service and maintenance jobs
• The student is required to keep a journal of his/her placement
• They must either participate in a web-based placement discussion or write a placement report based on the journal.
• The requirements for the employer offering the practical training placement are that they nominate a supervisor for the student and reserve a necessary amount of time for introducing the student to, and guiding the student in, their work.
• The student keeps a work and training diary of the training and writes a training report on the basis of the diary entries. The length of report is about 8-10 pages.
• A training contract is made for the basic training between the company offering the placement and the Haaga-Helia UAS. The student usually does not receive any wages
• A training contract is made between the provider of the practical training placement and the Haaga-Helia UAS.

Starting level and linkage with other courses

Placement in the industry is assessed pass/fail.

Working life connections and internationality
Placement jobs are located in hotel, restaurant and tourism businesses in Finland and abroad.

Learning methods
Orientation to the training is conducted at school prior to basic placement. The placement orientation addresses issues regarding e.g. finding a placement job, a trainee’s role at work and learning at work. After the placement period students will have to attend a feed-back session.

Assessing one’s own learning is a compulsory part of the course.

Teacher responsible
Taina Pallonen