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Supervisory Project

Supervisory Project

Code: LEA1RZ003
Scope: 3 credits
Timing: 2nd academic year
Language: English
Level: Professional studies
Type: Compulsory

Learning objectives
Upon completion of the course, the student will
•    be familiar with project work and will have worked in a project group
•    understand the significance of details in a successful customer service process
•    be able to work in a self-directed and responsible way in his/her project group
•    understand and support managerial work in multicultural work environments
•    recognize practices of working life in project/process management and is able to critically analyze   
     project execution against set goals

• Project plan design
• Tools for planning and follow-up
• Role of interpersonal skills in project work
• Utilizing skills and knowledge in project groups
• Project organisations, organisational theories
• Integrating approaches to hospitality industry development

Starting level and linkage with other courses
Recommended to be studied after the course Operational Project.

The course is evaluated on a scale excellent (5), very good (4), good (3), satisfactory (2), fair (1), fail (0). The assessment criteria is presented on a scale 1 - 3 - 5.

Grade 1
The student can identify key elements of project management. S/he can operate one project management program assisted. S/he identifies different approaches to hospitality industry development.

Grade 3
The student can produce a project plan and a final report. S/he can plan and evaluate the use of resources in a successful project. S/he can make a preliminary budget for a project.

Grade 5
The student can critically evaluate results and execution of a project. S/he can independently manage and report projects with set goals. S/he can analyze benefits against costs in a hospitality project.

Working life connections
This course involves a project work commissioned by an external company or the learning institute.

The course is conducted in HOTEM-program with a mix of international students and exchange students.

Learning methods
The learning goals of this course can be reached in the following ways:

a. Lectures and related assignments as part-time studies, full-time studies or intensive studies
b. Participation in a working life project or another project 
c. Exam and/or learning assignment(s)

Assessing one’s own learning is a compulsory part of the course.

Teacher responsible
Teachers from Hospitality Experience Management stream