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Understanding Human Behaviour in Hospitality

Understanding Human Behaviour in Hospitality

Code: LEA1RZ001
Extent: 5 ects
Timing: First year
Language: English
Type: Obligatory


Learning outcomes
On successful completion of this course, the student:
1. Is curious and proud as a professional.
2. Adapts reflecting and positive conception of human nature.
3. Has capacity for adaptability, flexibility and empathy in customer and employee situations and various human interactions.
4. Understands that hospitality and experiences are one of the central values and success factors of the business.
5. Understands meaning and methods of combining people and business

Course contents
The course addresses the following topics:
Exploring different views to behaviour and human nature
The importance of understanding behaviour in hospitality
Psychological capital as a resource in work
Constructing self
Social perception
Individuals in groups and interaction

Cooperation with the business community and other organisations
It is encouraged that students draw examples from their work experiences.

Diversity of the study group is used as a resource.

Teaching and learning methods
The number of learning hours is divided as follows:

  • 35-hours of contact teaching and directed learning
  • 99-hours of self-directed studying
  • The own learning assessment 1 h

Teaching and learning methods:

  • (Pre-assignment)
  • Participative lectures
  • Group discussions
  • Students’ content production and reflections
  • (Exam)

Recognition of Prior Learning (in Finnish AHOT)
In case of prior learning, contact lecturer with CV (learning contexts) and a learning diary (normally 3 – 4 pages) where you illuminate your competence in the primary titles of the course content presented earlier in this document. In a meeting with the lecturer sufficiency of the prior learning experience is assessed together. In the meeting you are also interviewed how you have applied your theoretical learning into practice. That may serve as an exam.  A written exam is possible in borderline cases. The experience, learning diary, oral/written exam are evaluated with scale 0 – 5. A passed grade (1) requires good knowledge at least in 50% of objectives and attention.

Teachers with the main responsibility for the course
Katja Kanerva, Haaga
Outi Rekola, Haaga

Course materials

The own learning assessment assignment does not impact your grade. The assignment is the same for all courses/modules and your answers will be used also for course development.

The course is evaluated on a scale excellent (5), very good (4), good (3), satisfactory (2), fair (1), fail (0). The assessment criteria is presented on a scale 1 - 3 - 5.

Grade 1
The student is able to refer to some of the relevant models, ideas and theories of Human Behavior in context of their own life or hospitality.

Grade 3
In addition to the previous s/he is able to combine models for hospitality practice.

Grade 5
In addition to the previous s/he is able in reflecting the theories in hospitality practice in a critical manner.