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Nutrition and Special Diets

Nutrition and Special Diets

Code: FES3RB012C
Extent: 3 ECTS (81 h)
Timing: Semester 3-4
Language: English
Level: Professional studies
Type: compulsory

The course is part of Customer Oriented Development in Restaurants.

Learning outcomes
The student understands the impact of nutrition as a factor influencing the well-being of a customer. She/he learns to know the nutrition recommendations and their scientific background. She/he is able to evaluate the nutritional quality of the food. She/he knows the most common special diets and understands the cultural and social factors which influence food consumption patterns.

After completing this course the student
• Understands customer expectations behind the choice of food
• Understands the nutritional quality of food
• Can provide healthy services which promote well-being of the customers
Course contents
•  factors which influence food selection
• nutrition recommendation
• energy and energy-yielding nutrients
• vitamins and minerals
• evaluation of the nutrient content of food
• special diets

Teaching and learning methods
It is possible to complete the course based on classroom learning or part time learning:

a) Classroom learning:
Lectures and Examination 24 h
Self-studies 56 h
The assessment of one’s own learning 1 h

b) Part Time Learning:
Lectures and Examination 12 h
Self-studies 68 h
The assessment of one’s own learning 1 h

Recognition of Prior Learning, RPL  (in Finnish AHOT)
The required skills and competences can be demonstrated by a skills examination.

Teacher/s with the main responsibility for the course
Johanna Rajakangas-Tolsa

Course materials
NRAEF ManageFirst. 2007. Nutrition. Pearson Pretience Hill.Upper Saddle River.USA.
Lecture slides, articles and other material given by the teacher.

Examination 50 %
Assignments 50 %

The assessment of one’s own learning does not influence the grade. The assignment is the same for all courses/modules and the answers will also be used for course/module development. The assignment is completed online in WinhaOpaali.

Assessment criteria

Grade 1
• can find the Nordic and Finnish nutrition recommendations and can name their main contents in
• can combine the composition of foods to their nutritional quality
• recognizes the nutritional needs of a customer in restaurant customer service

Grade 3
• can compare the quality of foods to the nutrition recommendations
• can evaluate the nutritional content of food based on it’s composition
• can evaluate in customer service situations the suitability of a food to a customer with special nutritional needs

Grade 5
• can evaluate the nutritional quality of food and develop food to meet the nutrition recommendations
• can in customer service take into account the nutritional needs of a customer and independently suggest a suitable solution for the customer