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Svenska i arbetslivet

Svenska i arbetslivet

Code: FES1RB001
Extent: 3 ECTS (81 h)
Timing: Semester 2 or 3
Language: Finnish
Level: Basic studies
Type: Compulsory

The level of the course is B1.
The course is obligatory for students with the Finnish matriculation examination.
A prerequisite for attending the course is that the student has passed the Swedish level test or the course Träna svenska.

Learning outcomes
The student achieves such spoken and written skills that s/he manages in typical work situations in Swedish.
Student will
• have a good command of reporting the company economy in Swedish
• understand the added value of a versatile language proficiency in management
• have good selling, argumentation and negotiation skills and is capable of closing a deal in Swedish.
• understand the significance of language skills in job-hunting and career progression
• possess spoken and written communication skills in Swedish

Course contents
• Social contacts in working life
• Presenting companies or other organizations
• Principles of written communication in different situations
• Other communication situations in working life

Cooperation with the business community and other organisations
The contents of the course are based on topics from working life.

The student gets acquainted with practices in other Nordic countries and s/he is encouraged to participate in student exchange or internship in Sweden, Norway or Denmark.

Teaching and learning methods
It is possible to complete the course based on classroom learning or part time learning.
a) Classroom learning.

Lectures and Examination 48 h
Self-studies 31 h
The assessment of one’s own learning 1 h

b) Part Time Learning:
Lectures and Examination 17 h
Self-studies 62 h
The assessment of one’s own learning 1 h

The course includes oral and written exercises as well as independent studies outside classroom learning. Active participation, written assignments and exams are compulsory.
In the safe and secure environment of the classroom the student has the opportunity to practice his/her skills in Swedish in different working life situations. S/he also trains different aspects of language learning; listening and reading comprehension, pronunciation and speaking. The student is encouraged immediately to use his/her skills in Swedish in working life and in everyday life.

Recognition of Prior Learning, RPL  (in Finnish AHOT)
The required skills and competences can be demonstrated by a skills examination.

Teacher/s with the main responsibility for the course
Arja Aktan-Helminen
Anna Sarajas-Zino

Course materials
The course material will be announced in the first lecture.

Examination 80 %
Active participation 20 %

The assessment of one’s own learning does not influence the grade. The assignment is the same for all courses/modules and the answers will also be used for course/module development. The assignment is completed online in WinhaOpaali.

Assessment criteria

Grade 1
The student is able to make use of the vocabulary and clause constructions they know in Swedish.  The student is also able to communicate in casual business situations, both in written and spoken Swedish.

Grade 3
The student is able to put into practice and make good use of the vocabulary and clause constructions they know in Swedish. In addition, the student knows how to react appropriately in different business situations, both in written and spoken Swedish.

Grade 5
The student shows their ability to use Swedish in different business situations in a natural and versatile manner. In addition, the student makes good use of their Swedish vocabulary and clause structures. Plus the student uses proper expressions in demanding business situations, both in written and spoken Swedish. Finally, the student is able to express and validate their arguments in Swedish.