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Haaga Student Competition Team

Haaga Student Competition Team

Code: EXP8HA001
Scope: 3 + 2 ects
Timing: 1st to 3rd academic year
Language: English
Level: Basic studies
Type: Free-elective

Learning objectives
On completion of the course, the student is able to
• know key trends effecting global hospitality and tourism business
• justify business decisions with the help of managerial accounting
• innovate new hospitality and tourism concepts and experiences for global markets
• develop and apply personal presentation skills in demanding circumstances
• actively contribute to the teamwork and expanding network

• Current business trends
• Managerial accounting
• Managing experience frameworks/modules
• Crafting and developing concepts
• Innovative marketing for global audience
• Personal and team leadership skills
• Operating and networking in global organizational context
• Specific themes based on the challenge provider

Starting level and linkage with other courses
No binding connections to other courses. The course is only offered to Haaga students.

Successful completion of the course is evaluated on a scale pass/fail.

The student shows commitment on developing of his/her business management and leadership skills throughout the course. He/she can evaluate professional and personal capabilities and strengths in relation to competition challenges. Student knows how to apply theories into practice innovatively and successfully. The student shows strong team player skills and contributes positively for the success of the team.

The student is not committed on developing of his/her management and leadership competences during the course. He/she is not interested in assessing professional and personal growth in relation to his/her skills and strengths. Student has weak skills in applying theories into practice. The student demonstrates superficial commitment on the team and success of the team.

Working life connections
The assignments and competitions involve work commissioned by external organizations.

In this course learning activities include a global perspective and internationally recognized resources and concepts are applied.

Learning methods
The learning goals of this course can be reached by completing all following parts:
a. Coaching sessions and related assignments as full-time studies
b. Participation in a national or international competition
c. Sharing experiences and learning outcomes

Assessing one’s own learning is a compulsory part of the course.

Teachers responsible
Nina Niemi, Haaga
Taina Pallonen, Haaga
Mia Tarhanen, Haaga
Heikki Ursin, Haaga