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Business English

Business English

Code: ENG1LH002
Scope: 3 ECTS (81 h)
Timing: 1st or 2nd semester
Language: English
Level: Core studies
Type: Compulsory

Starting level and linkage with other courses

It is recommended that the student has a passing grade in the English skills test (ENG1LH001) or s/he has completed ENG8LH001 English Brush-up.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, the student will have learned the basics of business English.

Course contents

  • Principles of business English (basic terminology and different communication situations)
  • Spoken business English (introducing people and companies, short presentations, small talk, workplace spoken communication)
  • Written business English (short messages for practical purposes)
  • CV, job application documents
  • Grammatical and stylistic accuracy in English business communication
  • Cultural differences in English business communication

The course corresponds to the B2 level of the Common European Framework.

Teaching and learning methods

The course includes contact lessons and independent work, altogether 81 h of work for the student.
Contact lessons and examination 16 - 32 h (depending on the implementation)
Independent studies 49 - 65 h
The assessment of one’s own learning 1 h

This course is also available online (ENG8HH001).

Accreditation of prior learning (APL)

Students may demonstrate their command of the aims and contents of the course obtained through nonformal and/or informal learning by taking part in the APL procedure. In such cases, evaluation on the 0-5 scale is based on a written test (50%), written CV/job application (25%) and personal interview (25%).

Course teachers

Teija Schalin
Leena Virtamo
Heini Liesvirta

Course materials

Stansfield, L., Eerola, T. & Munne, J. 2009 (or a more recent edition). Win Win English for your business career. Edita. Helsinki

Assessment criteria

Assessment is based on:

  • the demonstration of confidence in basic spoken (informal and formal) business communication situations in English
  • the demonstration of basic business terminology knowledge both in written and spoken form
  • ability to market oneself in the business world both orally and in basic written form (CV)
  • demonstration of basic knowledge and understanding of multicultural communication in English.

All assessment components must be completed successfully to pass the course. Students' performance is graded on the following scale: Excellent (5), Very good (4), Good (3), Satisfactory (2), Fair (1), Fail (0). Evaluation is based on the following criteria:

Grade 1 (min. 40 %
of the objective)

Grade 3 (min. 70 %
of the objective)

Grade 5 (min. 90 %
of the objective)

Written and spoken assignments, the final exam and classroom performance are at a passable level.

Written and spoken assignments, the final exam and classroom performance are at a good level. The student demonstrates an emerging ability for autonomous development.

Written and spoken assignments, the final exam and classroom performance are at an excellent level. The student is clearly capable of autonomous development

Assessment components and their respective weight

Assignments 40%
Attendance/class participation 30%
Final exam 30%

The assessment of one’s own learning does not influence the grade. The assignment is the same for all courses/modules and the answers will also be used for course/module development. The assignment is completed on an electronic form.