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Krea Spring School – Inspirational Storytelling

Krea Spring School – Inspirational Storytelling

Code: CAM8LH106
Extent: 3 ECTS
Language: English
Level: Professional studies
Type: Elective



During this international intensive week, the students work in multicultural teams to script and produce an inspirational customer experience story aimed at multicultural audiences. The students learn to use different design methods to produce creative out-of-the-box story concepts. The students learn to produce attractive story content that engages and inspires the multicultural target groups.



No prerequisites.


Learning objectives and assessment


Assessment is pass/fail.


The student


- is familiar with key concepts related to customer experience and branding

- can take entrepreneurial responsibility for planning and implementing a hands-on storytelling project according to the brief given by Creative Agency Krea (www.krea.fi)

- can use creativity techniques and design methods in planning a customer experience story   

- can create attractive story content as part of a multicultural student team

- can work as a productive member of a multicultural project team, taking into account and making use of the cultural diversity of the team members


Recognising and validating prior learning (RPL)

If the student has acquired the required competence in previous work tasks, recreational activities or on another course, s/he can contact the teacher in charge of the course to agree on how to show the competence. Information and instructions for recognising and validating prior learning are available on MyNet.


Working life connections

The students plan and produce a customer experience story as part of the operations of Creative Agency Krea (www.krea.fi). Visit to an advertising agency is included in the programme.


International dimension

The participants of the course include students and staff from Haaga-Helia partner universities abroad as well as Haaga-Helia exchange students and BBA students from all over the world.  


Learning methods and assessment

To pass the course, the student is required to complete a pre-course assignment and to produce a customer experience story as part of a multicultural student team. In addition, the student must participate in the contact sessions, the outdoor adventure day, the advertising agency visit, and the lectures given by an international team of professors. 

Course teachers
Tanja Vesala-Varttala

Tuula Ryhänen

Anne Korkeamäki


Learning materials

To be announced at the beginning of the course.