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Multicultural Teamwork

Multicultural Teamwork

Code: BUS1TA002
Extent: 3 ECTS (81h)
Timing: 3rd semester
Language: English
Level: core studies
Type: compulsory

Starting level and linkage with other courses

COM1TAOOI (viestintä- ja esiintymistaito) and COMITAOO2 (kokous- ja neuvottelutaito)

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, the student :

  • understands the various aspects of culture and the impact of those in communication and social interaction
  • is able to act in teams and projects in a participative manner
  • is able to prepare a report in English
  • is able to acquire information via using an interview.

Course contents

  • HAAGA-HELIA reporting standards
  • Research methods including acquiring information via using an interview
  • Multicultural communication
  • Team work

Cooperation with the business community

When feasible, the students will analyze and prepare the multicultural report about a particular organization or community.

International dimension

The key task of the course is to clarify issues related to multicultural concerns and/or procedures in communication and social interaction. Examples of multicultural work are being shared and BIT- and exchange students will be interviewed in order to acquire further information relevant to the project.

Teaching and learning methods

1. Contact hours 14 h
2. Group work and self-study in the virtual learning environment 63 h
3. The assessment of one’s own learning 1 h

The pedagogical approach used during the course is progressive inquiry and project learning. The course is comprised of contact sessions and distance teaching. At the beginning of the course, there will be an orientation meeting to clarify the course objectives, learning methods, tasks and timetables. After orientation, contact hours and independent group work follows where the students will be

  • forming the teams
  • familiarizing themselves with the assignments
  • familiarizing themselves with different aspects of multiculturalism
  • familiarizing themselves with research methods and guidelines
  • completing the assignments

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

The student will attend the competence demonstration to demonstrate skills and competences in the required areas. In the competence demonstration he/she needs to present detailed, written and signed documents (job certificate, study diplomas etc.) that confirm that learning has already been acquired. A competence demonstration is being assessed on the scale from 1 to 5 and therefore also the documents need to enable qualitative evaluation of the prior learning.

It is not possible to seek for recognition of prior learning and attend the competence demonstration without sufficient written documentation. In the competence demonstration, the students may also be asked to carry out specific tasks related to the course in question.

It is possible to participate in the competence demonstration only once before taking the course.


Teachers responsible

Taru Parikka, Malmi
Riitta Blomster, Pasila
Anna Kimberley, Pasila
Tarja Paasi-May, Pasila

Course materials

  • Literal sources
  • Online sources
  • Interviews

Assessment criteria

Teachers’, company representatives’ and peers’ evaluation on the process and the report. Evaluation is based on five assignments and the participation (Topic plan 10 p, Draft version of the report 5 p, Final report 50 p,  Presentation 20 p, Peer evaluation using the template in Moodle 5 p, participation 10 p).

The assessment of one’s own learning does not influence the grade. The assignment is the same for all courses/modules and the answers will also be used for course/module development. The assignment is completed online in WinhaOpaali.