Orientation Days 14. - 17.8., Sport Coaching and Management, Vierumäki

Osaamisen tunnistaminen orientointipäivien malliin
Orientation Days

Dear Student,

You have decided to start your studies towards a bachelor's degree at Vierumäki campus of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. I hope that it turns out to be a rewarding journey during which you will have a change to learn many new things both in theory and in practise. While you are preparing for the first week, there are couple of things to take into consideration.

For the first-year students, academic year begins on Monday 14 August 2023 at 9.30 am at the Vierumäki Ice ring (number 5. on the Vierumäki area map).
Notice! You need to present your official ID, original diploma and criminal history record on Monday 21 August 2023. Enrolment for all courses takes place in this meeting as well.

Extract from criminal records

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences will request accepted students to produce a criminal history extract at the  beginning of the studies because during the studies the students are involved working with children substantially. Your criminal record extract will only include criminal record information that is thought to have special significance to your work with children.

Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Act 932/2014 section 34 (4)

At the request of the university of applied sciences, the student must provide an extract of any or all entries about him or her in the criminal records referred to in section 6(3) of the Criminal Records Act (770/1993), for the purpose of an assessment of the right to study, as referred to in section 33(2), if the student is given assignments in studies or in practical training relating to the studies which substantially require working with minors.

You can order your criminal history extract from your national Legal Register Centre or National Police Force. Check out your own country’s legislation. Bring the original criminal history extract with you to the orientation days. The Finnish students may order the document here.

During the first week of the studies, you will have a biking and hiking trip from Tuesday to Friday for which we recommend to prepare with a backpack big enough for four-day excursion along with the items listed below.  

Equipment needed during the studies

You need to have your own laptop. Campus area is equipped with free-access wireless network which enables you to use the internet. Some public computers for students with network connections are also available at campus area and in library.

For the practical part of the studies in Vierumäki you will need to bring appropriate equipment for outdoor and indoor sports. For coaching studies, you will also need the equipment for your own sport. If you have a hockey background, bring your full hockey equipment with you for the hockey clinics. It is also possible to rent  some of the less frequently needed equipment from the sports shop located in the area.

Arriving to Vierumäki 

Vierumäki is located approximately 130 kilometers up north from Helsinki. If you are travelling by air, it is recommended to take either a bus or train from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Lahti. From Lahti to Vierumäki you can take a bus.

When connecting at Lahti Travel Centre, remember to choose a connection which stops at the Sports Institute. The bus stop is located next to the Travel Centre by the highway heading in North-South direction towards the Lahti City Centre.

In Vierumäki, the reception is located at the hotel Fennada (Vierumäki area map nro. 35). There you can get your apartment key.

Reception (Vastaanotto) is open 24/7.
Reception +358 300 870 870

Additional information

Schedules for your studies will be in Google calendar. You will get access to the calendar beginning of your studies.

If you wish to live at Vierumäki campus, please remember to fill out the application form.

Accommodation is available only for Haaga-Helia University of applied sciences students.

For further information on student accommodation, please call Petri Turtia +358 4578850429 petri.turtia@vierumaki.fi  Other times, please send e-mail to student.accommodation@vierumaki.fi.

For any questions concerning the start of the studies, please contact mari.tormanen@haaga-helia.fi

Welcome to Vierumäki!

Ota yhteyttä
+358 294471117