Orientation Days 16. - 18.8., Digital Business Innovations, Daytime, Porvoo

Osaamisen tunnistaminen orientointipäivien malliin
Orientation Days

The studies are kicked off on the Orientation Days on week 33 and attending is compulsory. The Orientation Days last for three days: Wed 16.8., Thu 17.8. and Fri 18.8.

The programme includes: 

  • orientation to studies at Haaga-Helia UAS 
  • meeting other students from your study group 
  • hearing the best practices from tutors 
  • getting to know your own Guidance Counsellor 
  • getting familiar with the digital tools needed during studies 
  • registration for the courses of the first term 

A guidance counselling session before the Orientation Days 

If you have previous higher education studies and/or work experience, you can meet (on the campus or via Teams) with your guidance counsellor and discuss about the previous competence to advance your studies. Please send an e-mail to agree a guidance counselling session which will take place during the week 32. 

Programme for the Orientation Days and rooms 

Wednesday 16 August, Porvoo Campus, Room 2624 (9.15-11.30) and Room 2424 (12.15-15.00)

9.00 Welcome to Porvoo Campus, in the Entrance hall of the Porvoo Campus

9.15 -10.30  Student Guidance and wellbeing in Haaga-Helia, Guidance Counsellor Mari Austin and Study Advisor Reija Ahmaoja
Orientation programme, Parking permits, Student meal cards, Username and password, Wellbeing, Special needs guidance

10.30-11.30  Tutors and Porvoo Campus Tour

11.30 -12.15  Lunch

12.15-13.00  Tutors

13.00-13.30   Student Guidance and practical matters continue; Teams-channel, (Swedish language level test for Finnish students) etco

13.30-15.00   Greetings from Degree Director Anne-Mari Karppinen and Competence Counselling Teachers Jemina Kinnari and Pierantonio Silvani
Evening programme provided by tutors, confirmed later.

Thursday 17 August, Porvoo Campus, Room 3403 (09.00-12.00) and Room 2624 (12.00-16.00)

9.00-10.00  Tutors

10.00-11.15   The programme structure and recognition of prior learning and competence workshop, Guidance Counsellor Mari Austin and Competence Counselling Teachers Jemina Kinnari

11.15-12.00  Lunch

12.00-13.00   Degree regulations and good practise in learning assignments, Guidance Counsellor Mari Austin

13.00-16.00    Welcome to Finland for International Students, International Specialist Anne Simpson (only International students, Finnish students day ends at 13.00)    
Evening programme provided by tutors, confirmed later.
Friday 18 August, Porvoo Campus, Room 2624 

9.00-11.30  Introduction to Digital Learning Environments, STU002HH1AE-3016
Self-study, done independently on campus.

11.30-12.00  Lunch

12.00-12.45  Enrolment to autumn´s courses and Timetable machine, Guidance Counsellor Mari Austin

12.45-13.15  Student unions presentation 

13.30-13.45  BIC presentation in the entrance hall  Porvoo tour with tutors, 15.00 -> Optional programme (picnic)    

Further information

On holidays 12.6.-6.8.2023 and do not reply to emails. Please contact then reija.ahmaoja@haaga-helia.fi 

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