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Merja Drake, PhD, Principal Lecturer

Merja Drake, PhD, Principal Lecturer

Merja Drake

Journalism, Storytelling, Development and Innovation

PhD Merja Drake works as Principal Lecturer in Journalism and Communication at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. Her main areas of expertise are online journalism, online communication, social media, health communication, digital services, and development and research methods.

Prior to Haaga-Helia, she worked as a journalist, www editor in chief and communication manager in various places. For example, she developed digital services for staff and patients at the University Hospital of Helsinki.

The aim of her dissertation, At the interstices of health communication. Producers and seekers of health information on the Internet, was to describe different types of information seekers and to produce guidelines to the public online health information producers. The theoretical background was based on communication and information seeking fields.

At Haaga-Helia she participates various development and research projects: DigiSmart (RIS3) project aims to find out what are the basic preconditions of well-functioning everyday life and to describe the citizens’ experiments about digital data, digital products and services as well as networks and their utilization and impacts using user-centric methods.  The EU funded project New Open Energy will develop a new agile model based on flexible customization of existing degree education modules to serve the needs of continuing education. Within the framework of the model, existing educational elements will be processed and supplemented, and then offered as a new flexible form of continuing education.