Lean product design for developers

Lean-markkinointi ruokkii opiskelijan rohkeutta

The importance of software and digitalisation in business has grown and it will definitely grow significantly in the future as well. Software development is, of course, technology, but it is also much more. 

  • It's about the responsiveness and agility of the chosen business model, further integrating to the agile development of software. 
  • Good programming skills are just not enough during these days.  Software developers are also required to have communication and interaction skills as well as experience in agile project work methods. 

We are organizing together with Viope Education Ltd hands on training program giving participants capability to understand the creation mechanisms of digital solutions’ value creation and customer experience and especially know how to combine already existing technical expertise with business development.

The aim of the program

The aim of our program is to help You as a participant especially to get a job either within software industry or companies using ICT to support other business functions. This program is most beneficial for a person needing both broad ICT skills and agile business development and service design skills at work. 

Target Group 

  • TE office's customers, who want to expand their existing technical software development expertise to the planning and understanding of business, service design and user interfaces. 
  • Persons who are interested in acting as change agents for organizations to become an agile organization. Starting from service design, through application development, to the automatic production of software e.g., DevOps. 
  • This program will be conducted in English, so knowledge of English language is a prerequisite for a successful learning experience.
  • A BA-level education or the same level of knowledge in the ICT field or similar is also a strong recommendation. 
  • We also support participants Finnish language in addition to subject oriented parts of the program. We provide Finnish language self-study material (levels A1.2, A1.3 or A2.1 depending on the level of the participant) and language-guided discussion groups for the duration of the program within the chosen level. 


  • 10 days: Lean Service Creation
  • 10 days: DevOps & Business & UI
  • 10 days: Finnish language (depending on the participant's level A1.2, A1.3, A2.1), job search. 
  • 10 days: Mini project and recruitment event 


The trainers are Lean Service, DevOps and UI experts form Haaga-Helia UAS and Viope Education Ltd.

Further Information

During 11.-15.9.2023 and 25.-29.9.2023 
Minna Kivihalme 
Viope Education Ltd
+35850 4704335 
Calling time on Tuesdays at 14.30 - 15.30. 

During 11.-29.9.2023  
Juha.marjakangas@haaga-helia.fi and mikko.karamo@haaga-helia.fi  
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences 

More information about the program


The application period is from on 11th of September to 27th of September 2023.
Please, apply by 27th of September 2023!

Fill in the application form to the TE Office

All qualified applicants will be interviewed online during 5th - 16th of October. See You soon!


The program is free of charge for customers of the TE Office.

An information session of the training will be held on Monday 25.9. at 3 p.m. You can join the event at: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83875868599.