ITBBA, changing the degree programme within Haaga-Helia, spring 2023

Lead paragraph

In addition to the common eligibility requirements

Business Information Technology (ITBBA):

1. The student has completed or is at the current semester successfully attending three of the following Business Information Technology (ITBBA) key competence courses (total 15 ects):

  • SOF001IT1AE Introduction to Software Development (5 ects) 
  • DIG001IT1AE Introduction to Digital Services (5 ects) 
  • ICI001IT1AE Introduction to ICT Infrastructure and Cloud Services (5 ects) 
  • ICB001IT1AE Introduction to Business Driven ICT (5 ects) 

2. At the semester the student applies for the change, the student must have planned a new Personal Study Plan for the ITBBA degree with a guidance counsellor from the degree