Idea to Business (exclusively on TikTok)


At Haaga-Helia, students can now earn an academic credit point while simultaneously scrolling through TikTok. This new innovative course style turns TikTok from students’ worst study nemesis into their helpful learning ally. The “Idea to Business” course is all about entrepreneurship and new business ideas. Follow the course on TikTok, @hh_ideatobusiness, for all the course materials.

Interested in entrepreneurship?

Haaga-Helia has gathered the best business tips and tactics from the world, for students to succeed and establish a solid foundation to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. This course provides valuable insights tailored for aspiring and enthusiastic entrepreneur spirited people at the beginning of their journey. The course guides students step by step through different phases of developing a business idea. At the end of the course, students reflect on all the invaluable lessons and are encouraged to continue developing new business ideas.


Course description

The “Idea to Business” course delves into the exciting world of entrepreneurship. With five captivating core topics and 14 engaging short video lectures, this course offers a step-by-step guide on developing your business idea to become a future entrepreneur. The course is exclusively on TikTok, and all the course content can be found on the course’s TikTok account @hh_ideatobusiness. New video lectures are published weekly for anyone to watch and learn. 

In addition to the weekly lectures and homework tasks, students are encouraged to interact with each other through active conversation in the comment sections of the lecture videos. 

Course content

The course covers the following topics:

  1. Starting with the idea: ”Solving Real Problems for Real Profits" 
  2. Finding your dream customer: "Embrace Rejection: The Entrepreneur's Rite of Passage" 
  3. Marketing: ”Supercharge Your Marketing with the Founder Effect!" 
  4. Sales: ”DISC-Over Your Sales Superpower!" 
  5. Final assignment

How to get the credits

Get the credits for this course

  1. To validate the course and get the ECTS, enrol for the Open UAS course "How to validate a business idea" in our enrolment system.
    1. Click "Add to basket"
    2. Move to enrolment
    3. Identify yourself using a Finnish personal identity code and either online banking credentials or Mobile ID or by visiting Haaga-Helia's Study Services.
  2. Save the final TikTok course assignment to TikTok course folder in Moodle.
  3. The course instructor evaluates the final assignment (pass/fail) and 1 credit will be awarded for successful completion following Haaga-Helia's policies.

Course information

Name: Idea to Business

Credits: 1 ECTS

Enrolment period: flexible

Timing: 20.3.–17.5.2024

Teaching language: English