Collaborative, Co-creative and Active Pedagogical Methods of E-Learning


The work of an expert in a changing and developing organization requires tutoring skills in facilitating the change, collaboratively find suitable solutions and the ability to support group processes.

Experts are more and more expected to use their skills to inspire others to participate in collaborative work. Facilitation in practice provides experts with the tools for developing their interaction, planning and implementation skills.


Developing teachers’ design for e-learning, and deepening their understanding of a collaborative, co-creative and active e-learning process. Becoming familiar with collaborative e-learning methods and environments.

Modules (each module is about 20 hours)

Module 1

Developing design for e-learning perspective of active, collaborative and participatory pedagogy and methods

Module 2

Collaboration and co-creation in action

Module 3

Designing process for peer learning and organizing in practice

Module 4

Becoming familiar with some pedagogical theories of e-learning

Module 5

Getting to know multiple e-learning tools


Depending on the length of the education, the content can be tailored for different learning environments (e-learning, online learning, mobile learning, contact or blended learning) and different contexts.

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