Timetables and Development Programmes

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Vocational teachers' timetables and development programme.

• You can study while working according to your personal development plan (PDP) and graduate flexibly within approximately 12‒18 months.
• A PDP is drafted in order to acquire the expertise. It is used to identify and recognise previously acquired learning and design the development path for the student. Drafting the PDP begins during applying when the applicant selects a study mode.
• The studies vary between days of contact teaching, online learning, independent assignments and group assignments. You will work peer groups for the first 12 months and if your studies continue after that time, you will work independently with your counsellor.
• The studies examine the fields of professional education and training and reflect on the actions of oneself and those of peers. The teaching and guidance internships allows students to develop their skills in practice.
• Ensure that the days of contact teaching for the study mode (group) that you have selected fit into your schedule.


Study guides

Vocational teachers' development programme is a study guide for a teacher student.