Timetables and course enrolment

Kuvituskuva: tietokone ja vihko pöydällä

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The students enrol for all courses (compulsory, elective and free choice) by using MyNet. Enrolments are made according to the enrolment times of the academic year.

Enrolment periods and instructions are available in MyNet (Login required). Extensive timetables for students of Haaga-Helia can also be found in MyNet.

Joint virtual studies for all students can be found in Students' Guide.

Timetable tool helps you plan your studies

Lukkarikone is a view to Haaga-Helia’s reservation system. It is a tool that enables students to generate and personalize study schedules. You can use the tool in two ways: by giving the machine your group code and generating your own schedule based on your group's schedule or alternatively by searching for different study implementations and generating your own schedule based on the information that you have selected. You can also use both of these methods simultaneously. The tool searches for all reservations with the given inputs and generates a schedule for you.

Timetables of Porvoo and Helsinki Campuses are available in Lukkarikone (Timetable tool).

The timetables for Vierumäki students are in an electronic calendar. Students will get access to the calendar at the start of their studies.

Instructions for Lukkarikone are available here without login. Additional information is available in MyNet (requires login).

Timetables for the Master's programmes are available in MyNet.

Autumn 2020

Timetables for Autumn semester 2020 are available in Lukkarikone (Timetable tool).

Spring 2021

Spring semester 2021 timetables of Porvoo and Helsinki Campuses are available in Lukkarikone (Timetable tool).

Summer 2021

Course offering for summer 2021 will be published in MyNet on week 7 (requires login). Timetables for summer studies will be published in week 10 and enrollment starts 16th March 2021.

Autumn 2021

Timetables for autumn 2021 will be published in Lukkarikone (Timetable tool) during Monday 24 May 2021.