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Working in Finland

Working in Finland

International students can work part time during semesters and full time during holiday times.

The number of working hours is not restricted on a weekly level. This means that you can adjust your weekly working hours to suit your situation during the academic year, as long as you do not work for more than 25 hours a week on average.

More information on Finnish Immigration Service site

Please note! As studies are the main reason for the student to be residing in Finland, the studies must progress with a minimum requirement of 45 ECTS completed per academic year. 

Work right post studies –extended permit to look for work

After graduating from a Finnish university overseas students get are allowed to seek employment for one year, in other words an extended residence permit, to seek employment, work or start a business in Finland.

EU/EEA nationals are allowed to work according to your common EU stipulations and therefore do not need special permits for working in Finland. 


Haaga-Helia wants to open the doors to working life. As a mandatory part of every bachelor´s degree students complete an internship period. The internship allows students to gain invaluable work experience in their field of study as well as build networks. Haaga-Helia has dedicated staff who help our students with career and recruitment matters.