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Degree Programme in International Sales and Marketing, Porvoo Campus (students who have started their studies before 1.1.2017)

Degree Programme in International Sales and Marketing, Porvoo Campus (students who have started their studies before 1.1.2017)

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Degree Programme in International Sales and Marketing

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and the Finnish title of tradenomi (AMK)
Degree level: Bachelor's degree
Extent of the DP: 210 ECTS credits
Duration of the DP: 3.5 years
Study mode: Full-time day programme

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Programme requirements:

Basic studies 60 cr, Professional studies 90 cr, Free-choice studies 15 cr, Work placement 30 cr, Bachelor´s thesis 15 cr

General arrangements for the accreditation of prior learning:

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Admission requirements:

Act of Polytechnics 14.11.2014/932  §25

Access to further study:

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Most of the learning takes place in real-life projects for businesses operating internationally. This opens up doors for the students and helps them develop their networks already during the studies. This makes it easier for graduates to find jobs both in Finland and abroad.

Employment opportunities after graduation:

The daily work of the students is all about operating in multicultural teams. They are supervised by staff representing several nationalities. The commissions they get from companies familiarise them with various markets and ways of doing business. They can also go an exchange, do work placement abroad and participate in international development projects.

Cooperation with working life and with other associates:

Learning takes place in real-life projects. Every semester the students work for a business company on challenges assigned by the company. Learning is work and work is learning.

Profile of the Degree Programme in International Sales and Marketing

Bachelors of Business Administration have strong professional skills in the following fields:

  • International Business Skills
  • Professional Sales Skills
  • Communication and Collaboration Skills
  • Entrepreneurial Skills

These skills will be acquired through working in real-life projects commissioned by business companies. The students play an active role in the learning process, and they are coached throughout their studies.

International Business Skills help students operate in the international environment, and develop analytical skills in order to identify business opportunities. The students learn to collaborate with people from different cultural backgrounds. Part of the studies can be carried out in any of our 200 partner institutions around the world. Students can also deepen their international business skills by doing their work placement abroad.

Professional Sales Skills are about developing customer relationships. The students learn how to encounter customers face to face, structure sales negotiations, distinguish different buyers with different motivations, and find solutions for them using personal and virtual sales channels and sales support tools.

Communication and Collaborations Skills are about learning to communicate professionally in a proactive and goal-oriented way. These skills are practised on a daily basis in our multicultural learning environment in real life projects where the students take on different roles, developing both self-leadership to leading others. Language studies are readily available throughout the programme.

Entrepreneurial Skills are present in all the aspects of professional growth.  Students develop an entrepreneurial attitude towards everything they do; learn to work under pressure, network, are curious about the world, see new business opportunities, make decisions, take responsibility, and have courage to take risks.

Key learning outcomes of the Programme

Graduates from the Degree Programme in International Sales acquire skills that prepare them for versatile employment possibilities and a fast career track. Possible job title include e.g.

  • Key Account Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Store Manager
  • Sales Negotiator
  • Purchaser
  • HR Consultant
  • Area Manager
  • Import/Export Assistant
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Product/Category Manager

Openness to work in multicultural teams and flexibility to encounter the challenges that it brings along is a prerequisite for successful professional growth. Team work skills are developed by working in different roles in different projects.

Professional growth

The professional growth of the student starts by understanding the world we live and operate in. The process goes on to seeing one´s own role in it. In the course of the studies the focus turns to developing one´s own values, professional goals, strengths and career aspirations.

Annual themes

Annual themes by competence areas

Communication skills:
Year 1: listening, identifying customer needs, approaching customers, giving and receiving feedback, willingness and eagerness to speak, basic presentation skills
Year 2: engaging the audience, intercultural communication, professional presentation skills
Year 3: confidence and flexibility in presentation situation, improvising and navigating smoothly, adapting to various audiences and organisations

Operational environment skills:
Year 1: basic analytical skills, information search, critical processing, to know how a company operates
Year 2: processing information, internationalisation, holistic approach, ability to ask relevant questions 
Year 3: decision making, ability to identify development needs and find solutions

Sales and service skills:
Year 1: encountering people, sales attitude, understanding people/ customer needs
Year 2: creating relationships with customers, self-leadership & reliability, ability to use different sales tools, customer acquisition
Year 3: co-creating value

Social and collaboration skills:
Year 1: identifying sources of own motivation, team work skills
Year 2: creating and making use of networking, international collaboration
Year 3: creating and making use of business partnerships

Business and entrepreneurial skills:
Year 1: setting goals, ability to challenge oneself, basic business skills
Year 2: seeing opportunities, business implementation skills
Year 3: creating new business opportunities, business development skills


Student's professional development
Structure, Content and Extent of the Degree Programme