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Degree Programme in International Business, Helsinki Pasila Campus, Part-time (evening) Education

Degree Programme in International Business, Helsinki Pasila Campus, Part-time (evening) Education


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Degree Programme in International Business in a Nutshell


Name of qualification: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and the Finnish title of tradenomi
Level of qualification: Bachelor's degree
ECTS credits: 210 ECTS credits
Official length of programme: 3.5 years
Mode of study: Part-time (evening) programme
Contact information:

Admission requirements:

Act of Polytechnics 14.11.2014/932  §25

Before applying see the admission criteria at !

Programme requirements: General eligibility for higher education in Finland; Language skills as required in the direct application system to the degree programme conducted in English at Haaga-Helia
General procedure for the
accreditation of prior learning:
See Haaga-Helia general rules for the accreditation of prior learning >>
Admissions requirements: Act of Polytechnics 9.5.2003/351 20§
Access to further study:

Degree Programme in International Business, Part-time (evening) education

Profile of the Degree Programme in International Business, part-time (evening) education

Why to Choose Haaga-Helia BBA in International Business, Helsinki Pasila, part-time (evening) education?

Your aim is to

  • Acquire a mind-set of continuous personal and professional development.
  • Have a strong professional orientation to global business.
  • Develop competencies in effective multicultural teamwork and communication.
  • Acquire a variety of competences needed by business developers, digital implementers, knowledge facilitators, relationship builders and solution providers.
  • Become an expert in one of the key fields in global business such as in customer relationship management and communication, entrepreneurship, financial management, human resource management and supply chain management.

Key learning outcomes of the Degree Programme

Haaga-Helia International Business graduates are highly competitive knowledge workers in the global labour markets. Graduates have the skills and broad-based know-how needed in global professional B2B services-focused environment. They anticipate future trends and cope proactively with the volatility of global markets. Our sales and service minded graduates create value through proactive networking in international contexts. In addition, they manage and lead multinational projects using effective teamwork, digital tools, time management, communications and negotiation skills. They also appreciate the importance of sustainability and business ethics.

The part-time evening studies provide possibilities to diversify students’ existing competences and/or deepen their theoretical learning in the areas where they already have practical work experience.