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Degree Programme in Business Service Solutions and Languages, Pasila Campus

Degree Programme in Business Service Solutions and Languages, Pasila Campus

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Name of qualification: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), the Finnish title of tradenomi
Level of qualification: Bachelor's degree
ECTS credits: 210 ECTS credits
Official length of programme: 3.5 years
Mode of study Full-time day programme
Programme requirements:

Studies according to the curriculum, Work placement, Bachelor´s thesis and Maturity test

General arrangements for the
accreditation of prior learning:
See Haaga-Helia's general arrangements of the accreditation of prior learning >>
Admission requirements: Universities of Applied Sciences Act 932/2014, Section 25
Access to further study:
Internationalization: The daily work of the students is all about operating in multicultural teams. They are supervised by staff representing several nationalities. The commissions they get from companies familiarize them with various markets and ways of doing business. They can also go for an exchange, do work placement abroad or participate in international business development projects. The most appropriate time for the exchange is the 4th semester.
Employment opportunities after graduation: Active collaboration with companies opens up doors for the students and helps them develop their networks already during the studies. This makes it easier for graduates to find jobs both in Finland and abroad.
Cooperation with working life and with other associates: From the beginning of the studies learning takes place in real-life projects closely related to the needs of business and working life. Students work on a variety of assignments commissioned by enterprises. Learning is work and work is learning.

Profile of the Degree Programme in Business Service Solutions and Languages

The Degree Programme for Business Service Solutions and Languages prepares students for a wide range of commercial and administrative roles. We grow multi-skilled business-savvy professionals who are able to adjust easily in multicultural contexts and have strong skills in communication, operational orchestration and business understanding.

With English as the teaching language, our students learn also Finnish and one or more other languages within our student body of 20+ nationalities. In addition to language skills and cultural capabilities, the programme offers students both theoretical and practical know-how for navigating through strategic missions, complex tasks and transformational turbulences throughout their careers. This programme also equips students to design and deliver different types of events and projects.

During the studies, our students participate in multiple company commissions gaining hands-on professional insight and helping them become resourceful problem-solvers in their chosen field. After completion of this programme, our students deliver dependably and creatively solutions to multiple business and organizational challenges in the modern digitalized world. Our graduates contribute proactively and collaboratively to results within their company networks and workplace communities.

Key learning outcomes of the Programme

The programme provides students with a broad set of skills, enabling them to function in roles requiring initiative and a proactive approach. The skills set is built on a core of business studies and strong and diverse language skills. The emphasis is on multiculturalism, communication, good service ethic and organisational skills. The competencies of the graduates are divided into subsets as follows: business understanding, intercultural communication, information management, organisational skills and business operations know-how.

Professional growth

On completion of the programme, students are equipped to perform their roles with initiative and a proactive approach, supporting and contributing to the workplace community. Ongoing professional growth throughout the programme helps students become innovative developers and problem-solvers in their chosen work environment.

The programme prepares students for roles such as office managers, business managers, marketing coordinators, communication specialists, project coordinators, PR and event managers, HR specialists as well as management, executive and legal assistants.

Combined with administrative work experience, the degree offers excellent career prospects in a range of different organisations.

Annual themes

In the Degree Programme in Business Service Solutions and Languages, students’ professional growth is represented by the following themes over the academic terms:


Students work on developing their competence in their chosen path of expertise, choosing from the following alternatives:

  • Leadership and HR
  • Marketing, Sales and Services
  • Meetings Industry
  • Organisational Communication
  • Entrepreneurship


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